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Well... Summer '08 hasn't been the best of summers, but it's holding it's own!  This summer I definately think that I've grown as a person.  I have a wonderful boyfriend, Joseph, who I'm trying to see as much as possible, but with School and a full time job, it's kinda hard.

Work ~  I work full time this summer at a screening company, where we make T-shirts.  I work on the second shift from 3-11pm Monday-Friday, and I work right in front of an 875 degree dryer! 

School ~ I'm at CCP for summer courses in Biology, and I've actually learned of some other things that I want to do in life.  SHOCKING I know.  I think that I'm just ready to go back to Cabrini.  I really miss the people, and I'm really excited to be and RA this year!

Well that about says it all!  Tomorrow I'm going down to the shore with Joseph and his family again, and it's going to be such an amazing time!  THen next Sunday we're going to se Mamma Mia at the Acedemy


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