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College Life
Hey everyone.... it's been a while.  I can't believe that it's been over a year since I've used this.  I read everyone else journals, but I just never thought to write, but today is different!  lol

Ok... So college life is better than I could have ever immagined it.  I'm doing great in all my classes and I'm loveing everything about Cabrini's campus.  The people here are amazing and AHHH it's just wonderful.  My roommates are JOE FRO... and this kid Keith<... Keith is really awesome too.  Hahah like me him and Joe have like "fights" lol and we beet each other up... it's just all fun and games.  I finally know what I'm going to do in chemistry, and I'm very excited with that, but that I won't post on here cause I know some people, actually just one person, doesn't  think that I can do that.   Best part about college... NO HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA!   Like ... whenever someone starts drama, I can just walk away... not like before where I was stuck in the middle.  I'm not going to lie though I miss my high school friends sometimes.  Like the only people I ever talk to are Bridget, Lauren, Azz(sometimes), Probe (occationally)... Like what ever happened to like Patrice, Cece, Elise... ya know... the people I hung out with before senior year.  Oh well I guess I can't complain... I haven't made and extreme effort either.

So... I'm not in the college show persay.... I'm the head Lighting technician!  I'm excited for the show... we're doing the Larime Project.  It looks like it will be an okay show.  As for the musical, I'm excited with that as well.   We decided that we should do "Godspell" and on top of that, they made ME the musical director... so basically I'm the Mr. C/ Sister Kate of this place.. 

Relationship wise... I don't wanna talk about it.  It seems good... other than the fact that me and Drew fight like everyday.  And a lot of the time he hurts me with what he says and doesn't realize it.  And when I bring it up... he doesnt appologize.  There are a lot of people here that think I deserve better... I'm just sitting here like a fish out of water cause I don't know what to do.....

Any Suggestions?

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im glad college is going so well!!! and i always enjoy the colors you add to your entry!

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