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stoopiee's Journal

20 March
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abercrombie and fitch, acting, action movies, aeropastale, air condition, american eagle, archbishop ryan, archbishop ryan high school, band, beach, beauty and the beast, being talented, boobs, broadway, broken hearts, bungee jumping, camel toes, cassie, cd's, center stage, cheaters, chicago, chocolate chip cookies, clarinets, clubs, comedy, computer, cookie dough, cool hair dye, dance music, dances, dancing, dogs, drama, driving, drop dead fred, dvds, europe, falsetto, fishing, football, footloose, fried chicken, friends, gingle bunnies, girls, glow sticks, grease, hair dye, hair products, hanging out, harry potter, high school, hooking up, hot tub, hugs, ice cream, jamming, jeans, jesus, jolly ranchers, kisses, kissing, large people, laughing, lemonade, les miserables, life, lightswitch raves, livejournal, long bus rides, long drive at night, making out, mall, money, movies, music, musical theater, musicals, my best friend, national treasure, nerd rope, not playing the cello, online, orgasms, origami, parties, passions, patries, pepsi, phantom of the opera, piano, piercings, pixie stix, pizza, playing basketball, playing football, playing music, plays, pool, pools, pop tarts, pretty girls, pringles, ps2, queen latifah, quotes, rent, riding bikes, rocky, roller coaster tycoon, school, seniors, sex, sexy people, shorts, showers, singing, sleeping, slow dancing, slow songs, smileing, songs, spanish, spencers, spending money, swimming, taco bell, talkin 2 my friends, talking, telephones, television, the 80's, thunder and lighting storms, trophies, tv, us together again, van halen, volunteering at bingo, walking, wicked, wildwood, women, wrist bands, writing songs, your mom