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My Life
 So wow... my last post was in July, haha just goes to show how often I use this thing.  So what's been up in my life lately... NOTHING really. 

It's December. . . hum.  Time flies!  Joseph and I just celebrated our 10 month anniversary (my longest and one week away from his longest) and he just met my brother and his girlfriend!  Honestly... I really think I found "the one" , I know that everyone always says that, but really... I don't see myself being with ANYONE else, having children with anyone else, or LIVING without him!  He means everything to me and IS my world.  I love him.

It's weird how people help you grow... even relationships.  I'm going to be COMPLETELY and brutally honest here.  Being with Drew taught me MANY things!  not to settle, make sure you know who  you're dealing with, etc. etc.  Let me clarify that I never settled with Drew, but now he won't leave me the hell alone!  Like the other night... "Get ready"... for what? "Ergi (Drew's boyfriend) and I are coming to pick you up!  HOLD IT 
last time I checked, you didn't even ask me if I 1, wanted to go or 2, if I could go out.  My dad still isn't okay with the gay issue yet, although I'll admit that he's really trying and LIKES Joseph :-) BUT Drew wanted to bring his bf to MY house and introduce him to me IN FRONT of my DAD... HELLLL NOOO! Now, I offered to meet them somewhere else, and Drew was all like "Always making an excuse."  Now here is what I don't get... Ergi's parents don't even know that Ergi is gay, so therefore Ergi's parents don't even know that Drew exists!  SO here was my issue... why does he want to some to my house where he IS NOT WELCOME when his own boyfriend doesn't even admit that Drew is a part of his life. MEH whatever. lol it's kinda funny, but I really wish he'd just . . . idk get smarter... the world is getting tired of holding its breath though ;-)

School is going well.. I'm figuring things out, and I actually know what I'm doing and where I'm heading!  As for this coming semester, I'm SOOO excited that we're doing the musical "once on this Island" if you've never heard, look it up and let me know if you want tickets, they're free and the performances are the last weekend in March and the first weekend in April.  

I think that's about it for now... I hope all is well with everyone, and um yea! That's about it :-) <3 


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"I really think I found "the one" , I know that everyone always says that, but really... I don't see myself being with ANYONE else, having children with anyone else, or LIVING without him! He means everything to me and IS my world. I love him."

Yea I know what you mean, and everybody always says that but I think when you find him, you just know... (I knew...he just didnt realize that I was the one. But one day he'll figure out he screwed up, lol.)
But anyway, thats awesome! I'm so happy for you!! I really hope things work out because this is so great for you!

i read it.
i love you
i love joe
& CT here we come (:

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