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So I haven't entered in a while.....and like Bridget said, "I have nothing to complain about"  Lol it's true I haven't.....things are great.   Things are moving along with music, I'm really trying to work hard, just piano alone is overwhelming, but then I think of other people, and the things that they have to do, so I'm really not that big of a deal.  What I've been offered a couple jobs over the past few days, but I can't take them cause I don't have time, and I need to keep on top of my school work.  For the most part, the only class I think that I'm having trouble with is spanish, but yea whatever.  I'm also trying to drop Trig/PreCalc cause i really don't have a teacher.

                       ..........If I wear a mask I can fool the world 
                                       But I cannot fool my heart.........

So yea, there have been somethings that I have been thinking of a lot lately, and I need to make a decision about one of them inparticular, and I just don't know what to say to myself......or other people for that matter.

                      ..........You may think you see who I really am
                                        But you'll never know me..........

There are somethings that I do, that I need to change, and yes Bridget, you mentioned one.  There are other things that i have to change first.

               ..........There's a heart that must be free to fly
                       That burns with a need to know 
                         The reason why 
                      Why must we all conceal
                          What we think
                         How we feel
          Must there be a secret me 
                     I'm forced to hide
                    I won't pretend that I'm 
                            Someone else for all time..........

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Two Bridget Refrences.
Wow you must like this whore.
Im jealous.
&I think she updated too


She said, try not to forget to pick her up friday.
Love, Bridget Dwyer's Keyboard

hum....that might be a tough one to remember.....does she need a ride on thursday as well?

im happy u have nothing to complain about!!!!!
good for you!!!

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